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3 Beers and a Mic Podcast

Aug 13, 2014

Welcome back everyone to the 3 Beers and a mic podcast! We are proud to bring you our much anticipated music episode with an added addition of some San Diego comic con news.  We first start off with  Dwaynes beer facts of the week and then get straight into San Diego Comic con news that was released through out the show.  Superman vs. Batman, Avengers 2 panel, Walking Dead, and some of the hottest toys and exclusives purchased are some of the extra tidbits you will get from this weeks cast. We also discuss the highly touted Wonder Woman costume and give our thoughts on the direction they are headed with the design.  Then we transition over to our music portion of the podcast. Since music is diverse amongst us here at 3 Beers we thought it would be an awesome addition for our audience to get a glimpse at what we enjoy listening to in our cars and on our leisure time. We have each chosen 5 songs that you all may not have heard before and we hope you enjoy the tunes! So sit back and crack open a beer....get ready for episode 16!!